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1150 Lola St, Ottawa, ON K1K 3W9

(613) 749-7001

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The Gist : They describe Overbrook Bingo Palace as constant, surprised, french, bad, able, good, strange, rude, regular, inappropriate

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    Overbrook Bingo Palace review on 2016-04-08 21:33:09

    Good Luck Pam for your money. I will be very surprise if you get it back. She owes money to quite a few people, unless she gets money from boyfriend Bob. That would not surprise me cause he sold his house so he has money now. Everybody knows she is odsp but she says it's not true. Very strange that Tammy? To bad nobody report her. She would't be able to play at the bingo all day. That's what you call cheating the system. Good Luck Pam with your money.

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    1. If your saying why doesnt anyone report Tammy then instead of ... »more
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